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Tim Wake
Affordable Housing Consultant

Purpose Built Rental / Affordable Homeownership for Working Families

Tim Wake has been working with communities and developers since 1997 to help solve the housing crunch that is crippling our communities. We are not talking about government subsidized social housing here, although that too remains a challenge. We are talking about homes for the individuals, couples and especially the young families that make up our workforce. These are folks who, twenty years ago, would have rented at first, bought in when they could and worked their way up the housing ladder.

Problem is, these days they cannot reach the lowest rung of that ladder. They can’t get started. For the first time in history, younger generations are worse off than their parents were when it comes to the prospect of creating and sustaining the family home.

 But there are solutions…

It’s just that those solutions will not happen by default in today’s real estate development marketplace. Municipalities and developers need help to find way to include more affordable options in new development and in existing communities.

 Tim Wake works to assemble and provide that help.



About Tim

Tim Wake has 15 years experience working in affordable housing, both homeownership and rental.

 He worked with the Whistler Housing Authority (WHA) from its inception in 1997 until 2005, served as a Municipal Councillor in Whistler and director on the WHA Board from 2005 – 2008 and has been an Affordable Housing Consultant since 2005.

 Tim’s publications include A Review of Best Practices in Affordable Housing (2007), Creating Market and Non-Market Affordable Housing: A Smart Growth Tool Kit for BC Municipalities (2008) and A Guide for Canadian Municipalities for the Development of a Housing Action Plan (CMHC 2010).

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Tim Wake

Creating Affordable Homeownership

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